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My name is Tyler Slagle, I am the creator and visionary behind Handcrafting Ohio.  I began my woodworking career in 2013 in my High Schools wood shop class.  The moment I was able to work with wood it was love at first site.  I would use every moment I had working with my shop teacher and assisting others in the class with understanding the art that is wood working.  After graduation I found myself in the same obsession with wood working and continued this passion into Handcrafting Ohio.  Since Handcrafting Ohio's inception I have had the pleasure to work with a large number of clients including co hatch, Ventech and Copius.  My love of wood working continues to this day as I find myself becoming more and more excited to create one of a kind handcrafted pieces. Please learn more about my work and feel free to reach out!  I look forward to working with you!